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Introductory Lecture(s): “The Finer Points of Typography”
Exercise 01: Postcard  
Begin Project 01: Typographic System
Assigned Readings:
    Tauba Auerbach, “(p)(e)(r)(s)(e)(v)(e)(r)(e)” (2017)
    Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography pp 7–22 (“The reading process,” “The letter”)

Continue Project 01
In-studio talk: The reading process / The letter
Assigned Readings:
Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography pp 23–31(“The word”)
Jürg Lehni, “Typeface as Programme” (2009)
Show and tell: Alex 

Continue Project 01
Assigned Reading:
    Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography pp 32–40 (“The line”)
    How Social Justice Slideshows Took Over Instagram
Assigned Viewing: Helvetica
In-studio talk: The word
Show and tell: Leo 

Project 01 complete (Review)
Introduce Project 02: Branding a Cultural Mo(ve)ment
Readings assigned:
    Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography pp 41–46 (“Numerals,” “Emphasis”)
    Beatrice Ward, “The Crystal Goblet or Printing Should be Invisible!” (1955)
    Matthew Butterick, "Drowning the Crystal Goblet" (2016)
In-studio talk: The line
Show and tell: Annie

Guest Lecture: Weixi Zeng, Graphic and Motion Designer
Continue Project 02
Readings assigned:
    Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography pp 47–53 (“Linespacing, the column”)
    Welcome to Airspace by Kyle Chayka
In-studio talk: Numerals, emphasis
Show and tell: Hope

Continue Project 02
Readings assigned:
    Bringhurst: Chapter 8 “Shaping the Page,” pages 143–178
In-studio demo: Setting up the spread
Exercise 03: The Inevitable Box
Show and tell: Koko

Introduce Project 03: Book & Voice
Continue Projects 02 & 03
In-studio talk: The qualities of type
In-studio demo: Indesign details (Baseline Grids, Paragraphs)
Show and tell: Cat

Continue Projects 02 & 03
Continue Project 03
Readings assigned:
    Jost Hochuli, Robin Kinross “Designing Books” (1996), pages 11–30
Show and tell: Carrie

Project 02 completed (Review)
Guest lecture: TBD
Continue Project 03
Readings assigned:
    Selection from Tschichold The Form of the Book (1991)
Show and tell: Anna

Continue Project 03
In-class demo: Adobe After Effects and Kinetic Type
Introduce Exercise 02: Project 2 in Motion
Readings assigned:
    Gerard Genette and Marie Maclean, “Introduction to the Paratext” (1991)
Show and tell: Tierra

Exercise 02 Completed (Review)
Continue Project 3
In-class talk: Book Covers
Readings assigned:
    How Arrival’s Designers Created a Mesmerizing Alphabet
Show and tell: Zhiying

Continue Project 3 (Group Crits)
Readings assigned: TBD
Show and tell: Iris

Continue Project 3
Complete Projects 1, 2, and exercises
Show and tell: Sophia

Project 3 Complete (Final Review)
Guest Critic: Cem Eskinazi
Show and tell: Mark
Type 2 Walkabout
Virtual Celebration!!!