Based on the InDesign tutorial covering the basics of designing a spread and as a precursor to your third studio project, typeset a longform essay paying close attention to page proportions, margins, columns, hierarchy and type styles.

Migrant Journal, Offshore Studio

As a precursor to assignment 3, Book as Voice, this assignment requires you to typeset a longform essay by the architectural theorist Reiner de Graaf on 11 x 17in spreads (8.5 x 11in pages) with a careful consideration of content, margins, grids, folios, typographic hierarchy, image treatment and type choice.

The focus of this exercise is to create a comfortable and enriching reading experience, and not typographic flourishes. 

Essay + Images: The Inevtiable Box, by Reiner de Graaf

  1. Page Size: 8.5 x 11in
  2. Use only the specified essay
  3. You must use all the images in this folder in their given order
  4. Use a maximum of 2 typefaces
  5. You must use InDesign’s, master page feature, text frame connections, paragraph, and character styles.
  6. Baseline grid optional
  7. Please use the text as given—do not edit or manipulate content

Final Format: 8.5 x 11in booklet PDF

  1. Read the essay: Understand the themes discussed, observe the flow of content, imagery and the organization of content into sections. 
  2. Make a rough note of the levels of typography that you might have to account for
  3. Set up an InDesign document sized 8.5 x 11in (pages) with bleed
  4. Set up basic margins and guides
  5. Layout iteration: Set a part of your essay and some images on the spread to determine how your content responds to your basic margins and guides
  6. Set layout: Based on your experiments with the text + images, change the margins and grids to suit your essay
  7. Set hierarchy: Set master pages, paragraph and character styles
  8. Set the whole essay and all images in order and refine as you go
  9. Run checks to see consistency of layouts, text and image alignments, rags, widows, orphans, content requirements and spellings
  10. Export your essays as PDFs and upload them here

Due: Wed, April 7 2021: Upload PDFs here

Other References:
Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style
Offshore Studio
Are.na/Noah Baker