Design a poster celebrating your modular typeface using the compositional, and typographic principles that you have learned thus far: scale, rhythm, grids, leading, ragging, typographic pairing and asymmetry.

Typographische Monatsblätter, 1960 & 1962 Issues 2 by Yves Zimmermann, André Gürtler and Bruno Pfäffli

Merging your modular typeface assignment and your learning from our type lectures thus far, this assignment requires you to design a 18 x 24in typographic poster showcasing your modular typeface. However, there is a catch: you will use only the conditions listed to you below to make your poster.

  1. Poster Size: 18 x 24in
  2. Use only a maximum of 2 typefaces (other than your own modular type)
  3. Use only black (#004040) and white (#F8F8FF) No color permitted
  4. No imagery allowed (create form by way of rules, lines, shapes if need be)
  5. Show *at least* 8 letters of your modular typeface
  6. Must be asymmetrical
  7. Must use a grid as part of the design process

Content Requirements:
  1. Name of your typeface
  2. At least 8 characters of your typeface (minimum of 2 numbers)
    This can be in the form of individually set characters or in the form of phrases set in your type
  3. Approx 100 word description of your typeface or related text from Typographica
  4. Your Name
  5. GRAPH-3215-05, Typography 2, Rhode Island School of Design
    (feel free to play with the format of characters here)

  1. Ideate, sketch your concept out
  2. Set up an Indesign file sized 18 x 24in
  3. Set up bleed marks + margins and grids
  4. Begin working on your compositions
  5. Make sure to check all your content requirements are on your posters
  6. Refine scale relationships, line lengths, ragging, leading, widows, hyphenations, and tracking wherever necessary
  7. Finesse and refine your compositions
  8. Export your posters as PDFs and upload them here

Due: Upload posters before 11:59 PM on Friday, 26 March here

Stockholm Design Lab (SDL) / Omaka / Poster / 2020

MuirMcNeil / Unit Editions / Unit: Design/Research / U:D/R 03 – ThreeSix / Journal / 2010

Michael Bierut & Yve Ludwig / Pentagram / Yale School of Architectue / Open House / Poster / 2007

Other References: