Chloe Scheffe

Type 2 usually begins with a quiz to test your typographic knowledge. But let’s do something that’s more in keeping with our current moment.

You will form pairs and talk to each other about the last time you traveled. Spending 20min in dialogue with your partner, you will write them a postcard in 100 words or less, describing your travel experience—it could be details on the location, what you saw, who you were with, a specific spot or a smell, a monument, a painting or even something you ate. The choice is yours.

The intention of this exercise is to test your ability to set text on page—through your choice of typeface, use of layout, and accurate setting of punctuation and numerals—and not about your use of color, or imagery.

  1. Choose a partner to interview
  2. Move into a breakout room and speak to your partner for 20min
  3. Return to class and begin designing your postcard
  4. Download this Indesign Postcard Template for the exercise
  5. You will have 40min to design your postcard
  6. Once complete, you will export your Indesign pages as PNGs
  7. You will paste those PNGs on this Figma board for us to review

  • Do not exceed 100 words for your postcard
  • You will choose no more than 2 typefaces for the exercise
  • All type on the reverse side must be set it #2D2926 Pantone Black C
  • You will select an image for the front side of the card, perhaps pair it with some type. The front side is not a priority.
  • The reverse side must contain the recipient’s address

Due: 1hr (20min conversation + 40min Design)

Chloe Scheffe